Private Coaching

Have you always wanted to sing? 

Do you have the potential, but lack the confidence and know-how?

Private Lessons with Dannii develop:

  • Correct breathing – essential for strong vocal support, control and endurance
  • Correct vocal technique for powerful, effortless singing while ensuring protection of the vocal cords/folds
  • Voice projection and placement
  • Safe belting of high chest notes
  • Improving tone/vocal resonance
  • Increasing vocal range
  • Individual vocal style
  • Phrasing, pitch, inflection, volume, breath control etc. for a polished performance
  • Seamless transitions across registers
  • Microphone technique
  • Stage presence
  • Expressive, meaningful song delivery
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Visualisation techniques / tips
  • Effective vocal exercises

Master your vocal instrument – develop powerful, effortless vocals using safe, effective vocal methods.


With over 25 years of singing and vocal coaching experience, Dannii offers Private Lessons to singers of all ages, vocal styles and abilities — from beginners to the more experienced singer wanting to gain that extra edge.
Lessons are offered on a regular or casual basis.

One-off lessons are also offered for the more advanced singer wishing to identify and focus on a particular aspect of singing, resolve any current issues, or to simply polish their vocals.

Flexible lesson times and payment plans are available.

What to bring to the lesson: A positive attitude … I’ll provide the rest.

Vocal Coaching queries can be requested via email or by filling out the contact form below:

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