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If you want to sing with the kind of power and ease that doesn’t cause injury or leave you vocally fatigued, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Dynamic Vocals voice students learn the most effective singing techniques that enable them to achieve powerful, effortless vocals.

These techniques are based on the latest updated research and backed by speech therapists, vocal experts, and professional vocalists around the globe.

Innovative Singing Methods

Microphone golden backgroundThanks to modern day technology, we now have new information on how the vocal cords actually function, which has inspired innovative thinking within the field and dispelled many myths. End result? Safer and more effective singing techniques that not only help to identify and eliminate bad habits, but also provide singers with greater power and control in a shorter amount of time

Powerful, Effortless Vocals for All Singing Styles … are developed through using good singing techniques that ensure protection of the delicate vocal folds, thereby, offering vocal endurance and career longevity.

With over 30 years of singing and vocal coaching experience under her belt, Dannii offers casual or regular lessons to singers of all ages, vocal styles and vocal abilities — from beginners to the more experienced singer wanting to gain an extra edge.

Be prepared to walk away from each lesson with a smile on your face, a bounce in your step and more tips & techniques than you can poke a microphone at  : ) 

Visit the Vocal Coaching page for more info, where you can fill out a quick contact form to ask Dannii a question or request a private lesson.

DANNIIMICSHEDDynamic Vocals operate from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and are open to singers of all ages, vocal styles and abilities. Length and frequency of Vocal Lessons are structured to meet the needs of each client, with weekly, monthly or term payment plans available. 



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